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Our Fabrics
Strip Packs - 2 ½ inch Strips
Essential Gems
Wilmington Jewels Strips
40 Karat Gems - 40 strips
40 Karat Jewels - 40 strips
40 Karat Crystals - 40 strips
Wilmington Prints Crystals Strips
Squares - 5 inch & 10 Inch
Essential Gems
5 Karat Mini Gems
10 Karat Mini Gems
5 Karat Gems
10 Karat Gems
Wilmington Jewels - Batiks
5 Karat Mini Jewels
10 Karat Mini Jewels
5 Karat Jewels
10 Karat Jewels
Wilmington Prints Crystals
5 Karat Mini Crystals
10 Karat Mini Crystals
5 Karat Crystals
10 Karat Crystals
Wilmington Batiks 108"
Wilmington Batiks
Wilmington Batiks Spring 17
Wilmington Batiks Fall 17
Wilmington Batiks Spring 18
Wilmington Batiks Fall 18
Wilmington Batiks Essentials
Wilmington Batiks Mini Dots
Wilmington Batiks Rock Candy
Wilmington Batiks Kaleidoscope Floral
Wilmington Batiks Flourish
Essentials Cosmos
Essentials Chopsticks
Essentials Cracked Ice
Sonoma Solids
Essentials Cookie Dough
Essentials Criss Cross Brights
Essentials Climbing Vine
Star Fall
Essentials Criss Cross
Essentials Embellishment
Essentials Filigree
Essentials Snowflakes
Essentials Dotsy
Essentials Leafy Scroll
Essentials Petite Dots
Essentials Flannel Criss Cross 60"
Essentials Midnight
Essentials Scroll
Essentials Sparkles
Essentials Spatter
Essentials Swirly Scroll
Essentials Silver Linings
Essentials Washart
Essentials Snowflake Toss
Essentials White on White
Essentials More Cookie Dough
Essentials Crackle
Essetials In the Navy
Essentials Red Carpet
Essentials Sugar Cookies
Essentials Ombre Washart
Essentials Carmel Macchiato
Essentials Soda Pop
Essential 108's
Essential 108”
Cosmos Essential 108"
Chopsticks Essential 108"
Cracked Ice 108"
Essential White on White 108"
Mosaic 108"
Dotsy Essential 108 inch
Vintage Scroll Essential 108"
Filigree Essential 108"
Mottled Leaves Essential 108"
Delicate Fronds 108"
Whirlpools Essential 108"
Climbing Vine Essential 108"
Flower Burst Essential 108"
Criss Cross Essential 108"
Dotty Waves Essential 108"
Flourish Essential 108"
Leafy Scroll Essential 108"
Paisley Essential 108"
Scroll Essential 108"
Essential Flannel 108"
Flannel Swirly Scroll 108"
Flannel Cosmos Essential 108"
Fabric Collections
Fall Market 2017
Arctic Wonderland
Bringing Home Christmas
Spooky Vibes
Sunset Blooms
Friendly Gathering
Royal Red
Amber Reflections
Land of Liberty
Under the Pines
Holiday Lane
Welcome Winter!
Mid-Year 2017 - Delivers Nov-Apr
Gardening Gathering
Nature Study
Scarlet Dance
Flower Show
A Bee's Life
One Sheep, Two Sheep
January 2018 - Delivers May-Jun
Paradise Falls
Autumn Grove
Detour Ahead!
Deer Meadow
Hydrangea Dreams
Little Sunshine
Morning Coffee
Spring Market 2018 - Delivers Jul-Nov
Bohemian Dreams
Humming Along
Sunny Days
Sparkle Magic Shine
Blossom & Bloom
A Day At the Lake
Sing Your Song
Mid-Year 2018 - Delivers Nov-Apr
7th Inning Stretch
Safari, So Goodie
Feathers & Foliage
Butterfly Haven
Water Wishes
Berry Sweet
Bloom True
Fall Market 2018 - Delivers Jan-Aug
American Valor
Gone Batty
Gone Glampling!
Woodland Friends
Jardin Du Soleil
The Joy of Giving
Cuppa Cocoa
Winter Gnomes
Snowy Wishes
Essentials Evergreen
Festive Forest
Essentials Dry Brush
Happy Gathering
Le Bouquet
NEW! January 2019 - Delivers May-Sept
Hidden Valley
Rhapsody in Reds
Harbor Lights
Floral Serenade
Essentials Blue Ribbon
Rainbow Flight
Essentials Bubble Up
Tuscan Delight
Ebb & Flow Essential 108"
Forest Dance
Painting Paris
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